Gilgit, also known as Gilgit-Baltistan, is a picturesque district in the northern areas of Pakistan. It is also home to K2, the second tallest mountain in the world. Because of this, the district attracts a considerable number of mountaineers and trekkers from all over the world. Just last year, Gilgit received a whopping 1.72 million tourists. Other must-see spots in the area include Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, Shigar Fort, Sheosar Lake, Broad Peak and the Deosai National Park.


Nestled in the Hindukush Mountains, Chitral is a magnificent valley in the northwest of Pakistan. The town boasts a single street bazaar with offers all types of amenities such as shops, post offices, eateries and banks. The area is famous for the Shandur Polo Festival which is held in July every year. Other popular tourist spots in Chitral include the Shahi Qila, Ayun Valley, Shahi Masjid, Tirich Mir, Governor Cottage and the Chitral Museum.

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