Trip to Pakistan from Europe
europe tour to pakistan

The unsung country:

The world holds wonders and adventures that can never be explored in one’s life and many countries work like heaven on earth. Similar is the situation with a country in South Asia known as Pakistan. Pakistan holds the world’s most beautiful areas to discover and unlimited options for different and adrenaline-filled adventures like none other.

In the previous few years, Pakistan had been suffering from political misfunction and chaos, and all of it led to making an image in the world’s mind that Pakistan is an unsafe country struggling to survive and becoming stable.

The new chapter:

Luckily, a new era has started in the journey of building a better image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world and the government has opened the gates of the country to allow people from all around the globe to come over to Pakistan and see the country with their own eyes so that they can believe that Pakistan is not what the world says it is.

Recently, Pakistan has seen a surge in the tourism industry. The authorities are making it easier for tourists to have a better and efficient trip to Pakistan. Several measures are taken to attract people from western countries who love to travel and particularly who like to travel to Pakistan. Thanks to many tour planners who are making trips to Pakistan easier for many outsiders.

What can be expected?

Pakistan has unlimited options to offer. The untouched beauty and the raw sceneries are the main pull for tourists to travel to Pakistan. Once people come here and see for themselves, they realize that Pakistan is not a dangerous country.

It is easily announced as top tourist places in the world. This is because Pakistan is packed with the undiscovered natural treasure that leaves every visitor aw-inspired with the nature of the country.

Furthermore, the people of the country are so welcoming, warm and hospitable that travelers fall in love with not only the natural beauty but the people of Pakistan, too. Tour planners make your trips much easier as you hand them over the responsibility of showing you around the country.

European travelers in Pakistan:

Many Europeans must ponder as to when to visit Pakistan since the weather of Pakistan is very different from most countries in Europe. It is not hard to plan your trip to Pakistan. It has fixed a few seasons that include winter, summer, autumn, spring, and monsoon.

Best time to visit Pakistan:

In certain areas of Pakistan, for instance, the south of Pakistan sees the sunniest days more than any other city in Pakistan. Likewise, the northern cities witness the coldest days in the country. While monsoon season is very common in the north part of the country, spring and autumn seasons are equally divided in all the cities of the country.

Places to go to:

If a traveler from Europe is planning a tour to Pakistan, they would want to know the places that are the main tourist attractions there. Apart from the fact that entire Pakistan is packed with ventures there are a few places that offer the most exceptional topography.

Here are a few places you should have on your list when you plan your trip to Pakistan or pick packages from tour planners:

  • Hunza valley

A valley filled with colors and adventures like none other. Hunza valley is known for the most breath-taking landscapes in Pakistan. It is surrounded by the famous Karakorum and Himalayan mountain ranges, and far from the chaos of a city, this valley is a must-visit place during your tour to Pakistan.

  • Skardu

Skardu offers the wildest adventures in Pakistan. With its amazing terrains and mountain ranges, a European traveler will find an array of adventures here, and they will also enjoy the mountain climbing on the world’s second-highest and Pakistan’s highest mountain ranges of the K2.

  • Tharparker

A desert located in the province of Sindh, Tharparkar is rich in culture and always inspires the visitors from Europe who plan their trips to Pakistan.

  • Makran coast

Pakistan has a mix of landscape and seascapes. Makran coast runs over a long distance and has a serene nature attached to it. This untouched coastline attracts many tourists from around the world. Makran coast stretches all the way from Karachi, located in Sindh, all the way to Gwadar in Baluchistan, which is another province.

  • Kalash valley

It is a world of its own. The beautiful ethnicity and culture capture the heart of its visitor. The vibrant colors of the sceneries and the colors of the traditional dresses that people wear in Kalash valley are very distinctive from the rest of the country.

Tips for a better experience:

Every tourist must know of the handy tips when they travel to Pakistan.

  • The national language of the country is Urdu, and the religion is Islam. As long as the people feel that you respect their religion and norms, they will also return the sincerity with utmost love and care ten times more than people in any other country.
  • European travelers must make sure that their tour planners have booked hotels, flights, and planned out a very organized trip. Coming to another country can be very challenging if such things are not properly handled.


  • In recent years, it has become much safer for women and solo tourists to travel. The police, the locals, and all other forces are there to help you and guide you about the ways and norms of the country. Everyone in Pakistan is very friendly and hospitable. They take care of their guests like their own people, and travelers do not feel an outcast here on their trip to Pakistan.


  • It is also very crucial for you to work on your visa processing and make sure you bring your passport size pictures and always keep your passport with you because you will have to go through many checkpoints as a part of a security check.


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