The reality of Coronavirus COVID-19 and travel advice by Dr Zakir Naik:
Covid 19 by Zakir Nike and travel advice

Doctor Zakir Naik who is a known Islamic scholar was out of sight after the coronavirus outbreak. All the people were suspicious to know what are Zakir Naik’s thoughts and opinions about coronavirus. So recently Zakir Naik breaks his silence and told people about the reality of coronavirus. First of all he talked about what is lockdown?

Definition of lockdown:

Zakir Naik defined lockdown that a condition in which you are not allowed to enter or leave an area, city or country due to the emergency is called a lockdown. The emergency can be a bomb, war or a pandemic. More than 50% of the countries are under lockdown due to COVID -19 or Coronavirus disease 2019.

Reason of silence:

Zakir Naik explains the reason for his silence and said: Due to modern technology the world has become a global village and nowadays fake news is available on social media about COVID-19 which is causing more damage so I didn’t want to add to it. He also explain  his reason by giving an example that in January 2020 many video clips were uploaded on social media showing that Chinese who are infected are barking like dogs and being a doctor I know that COVID-19 does not affect your brain. Coronavirus affects your respiratory system.

Fake treatments:

People who do not have a specialty in this field are giving treatments and are explaining step by step how to keep and cut an onion and within 20 minutes you will be cure. I have seen videos in which a person is saying that UK prepared Dettol which kill coronavirus in 2019 and this is a conspiracy of United states.

Wrong Fatwas:

People are giving Islamic aspects about COVID-19 and giving fatwas which is not their field of speciality. As in Islam if you give the right fatwa you will be given double reward and if your fatwa is wrong then you will be given single reward. I didn’t want to give any fatwa because it’s not my job. Let foqaha and Mushtahid do it.

Limited knowledge:

As we know that COVID-19 is a new specie and research is going on and very few people know about COVID-19. Virologist, immunologist and those people which are qualified in pandemics have proper information about COVID-19 so we should not spread news without verifying it. In Surah Hujrat chapter 49 verse 6 Allah said,” Whenever you get information check it’s authenticity”.

Coronavirus and its species:

Those people who are saying that this pandemic is a conspiracy of United States actually do not have correct information. Coronavirus was discovered in 1930s and coronavirus have almost 20 species. Most of them cause no damage to humans while out of 20, 8 species infect and cause disease. Out of eight, five cause mild problems while the remaining three are detrimental. In 1930s coronavirus was first discovered in animals. Coronavirus was first found in chickens where it caused respiratory disease. In the 1940s it was discovered in mice. In humans, coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s and was called human coronavirus while in the print media this word came forward in 1968.

Detrimental species of coronavirus:

Zakir Naik also mentioned some details about the detrimental coronavirus species which are as follows:

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS):

SARS is one of the species of coronavirus which break out in 2002 in China and spread in 2003 and a pandemic was declared and after 2004 it disappeared. SARS infected 8098 people worldwide and 774 people died due to SARS with a death rate of 9.55%.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS COV):

MERS started spreading in 2012 and infected about 2494 people worldwide and about 858 people died and spread in almost 24 countries. Until now a mortality rate of 34.4% have been reported.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19):

This specie of coronavirus was reported at the end of December 2019 and it started from China and now it is spread in about 184 countries and about 2.83 million people are infected by COVID-19 and about 197,245 people died due to this virus worldwide and have a mortality rate of 6.97%.

Hadith about the pandemic:

Dr Zakir Naik quoted from Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7 hadith number 5728:

“When you hear news of the break of a plague in a land do not enter that land and if the place you are staying a plague breaks out do not leave that land.”

Hadith number 5729:

“When you hear about a break of a plague in the land do not enter the land and if the country abstain plague breaks out do not exit that country”.

Hadith number 5730:

“When you hear of news of a break of plague in a place do not enter that place and where you stay if a plague breaks out do not run away from that place.”

Hadith number 5707:

“Runaway from a leper as you run away from a lion*

Hadith number 5734:

Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) the beloved wife of Prophet (S.A.W) said, ” The Messenger (S.A.W) said that the plague was sent as a punishment by Allah to the people He wanted to send but for believers, it is a blessing and if a believer stays in the land which is infected by plague having faith in Allah and believe that nothing can fall him except Allah ordain then such people who die they will be given the status of a martyr”.


So our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) mentioned all the instruction about fourteen years before which now the medical science is providing. From the above hadith, we get the information that we should not infect others by visiting other places and not get infected by visiting another place. Hope that after reading this article you must have gained a lot of knowledge regarding coronavirus and Islamic point of view about the pandemic.


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