Trip to Swat Valley
tour to awat valley

If you love travelling and visiting new places and wants adventure and nature at the same time then Swat is the best and the most beautiful place to visit. Up till now, you have read a lot of articles about the trip to Swat valley but in this article, I will tell you about my own adventurous trip to Swat. Swat valley is the 15th largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is famous for its lush green forests, pine meadows and snow-capped mountains and the beautiful weather. Swat’s beauty is centered by Swat River and was the centre of Gandhara civilization so if you are either passionate about archaeology or a nature freak Swat valley is the most suitable pace for you to visit. Saidu Sharif is the capital city of Swat and is known for Buddhist remains and has many stupas. Swat is famous for its beauty, calmness, weather and hospitality.  But before that, you must know how to get ready for a trip, to a valley like Swat and what you must carry with yourself and how to enjoy your trip in the most extraordinary way.

How to arrange trip to Swat valley:

If you want to visit Swat valley you must know few things about how to arrange a trip. If you are going with family or friends all you need is to identify a route you will follow otherwise you will have a lot of problems on the journey.  After this, you should pack warm and moderate weather clothes and a pair of sneakers. So if you need to hike you are ready for it. If you have a four-wheeler then you are ready to travel and enjoy your fascinating journey to Swat valley but if not need not to worry there are a lot of travel agencies that arrange trips to Swat valley in reasonable rates. Now let me tell you about my trip to Swat valley and how we enjoyed the beauty of nature and the hiking we did and the roar of the river.

My adventurous trip to Swat valley:

Now I am going to narrate my all-time favourite Story of the trip to Swat valley after reading this you will be eager to visit this adventurous valley so in July 2019 I decided that I will visit Swat valley with my family it was my first time and previously listen a lot about Swat valley. All siblings were very excited and we all pack our bags and started our journey from Peshawar. We have already identified our route and my father who had previously lived in Swat were also well aware of the route so first, we entered Mardan which is a city in KPK and has a very historical background. We never have been to such a long and fascinating journey so the first thing we were looking forward was to see the river and to hear the roaring sound. After two to three hours we were nearly tired of the journey but the excitement to see the flowing river and to touch the water keep us motivated finally we entered the Malakand division and that road track around the mountain took our heart away and as we were going upward and the villages down were looking even more beautiful then we entered Mingora where there were gardens of fruits and all along the road this view keep refreshing our eyes . Finally we reached Fizagut from where our excitement and level of happiness was elevated when we saw the first site of the Swat River. We wanted to stop the car and touch the pure water and that thrilling sound of the river. Finally we park the car and entered the Fizagut park and had our lunch and touched the water and the view their was so catchy and relaxing that we capture it in our cameras forever. Then we started our journey to Bahrain in the middle we also stop at Madyan and throw stones in the river. When we entered Bahrain the weather was cold and we had  to wear sweaters. We book our hotel room and the room had a balcony   which I loved so much. Our hotel was at the edge of the river so we were able to hear the rushing sounds of the river and that moment was like living in heaven on earth as we know that Swat valley is the Switzerland of Pakistan then we decided to have dinner and went to a nearby hotel even the food there was so delicious. I still remember the taste of that chicken karahi and then we spent our night there. The weather was so cold that we have to wear shawls. Then the next morning we all wake up to get ready for our journey to Kalam valley.

Major places:

Kalam is one of the most famous tourist spots in Swat valley and in Kalam we can even feel the water touching our feet and enjoy river view. The water is so cold that your feet will freeze. It took five hours to reach Kalam because on one hand the road was under construction and at different spots there was high traffic because the road was bumpy and one way and on the other hand we didn’t have a four wheeler or a jeep. We were in a small car Mehran so imagine about the adventure we had. At one point our car was about to fall but the we come out of the car and had to hike. We also have to change the tyre in the mid then after reaching Kalam we decided to visit Oshu glacier. Our car was not I a condition to go there so we booked a car and started to climb the mountain. The pine meadows and the snowcapped mountains were waiting for us. We saw glacier for the first time and we even eat the glacier ice.

High altitude spot:

If you have decided to visit Swat then plan a trip to Malam Jabba because you cannot miss it. The climb to Malam Jabba was also very adventurous and as there is a saying “Hardships will pay off” at that day I came to know the real meaning of this and the chairlift was so amazing and the view was so beautiful and catchy that  I fell in love with it and I experience the chairlift for the first time in my life. The zip line there was even more fascinating  so you must try it.Those lush green trees and those clouds was like you are floating on the clouds and that cup of tea  and that weather and calmness cannot be found anywhere else . Finally our journey ended there. I also want you people to enjoy this journey and see the true colors of Pakistan. Hope that after reading my story so will not be feeling bore and will be eager to visit Swat valley “The Switzerland of Pakistan”.


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