Tourism means traveling for recreation and enjoyment. Most people who do long term jobs or
stay at home for a long time badly need a trip to a calm and relaxing place, so that they can give
rest to their mind. Tourism is an activity in which a person goes from one place to another,
which provides him with a kind of pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, and a relaxing moment.
There are two types of tourism domestic tourism and international tourism. Domestic tourism
is an activity in which a person travels to any famous or local destination or any place within the
country. For example, if you are Pakistani and live in Peshawar, Pakistan, and make a trip to the
Hunza valley, this will be an example of domestic tourism. International tourism involves
tourists who visit different countries around the world. For instance, if I am from Pakistan and I
visit UAE for a trip, it will be called international tourism. Now we are going to discuss some
psychological benefits of tourism;

Tourism help people who are suffering from depression:

Traveling is not a complete treatment of depression, but it can make you feel better. Let me
explain how traveling helps you to fight depression. Meeting new people and making friends is
the best treatment of depression. Loneliness is an addictive and hazardous thing. It can also
count as a disease. So that's why meeting new people and exploring new places can heal your
health condition and make you feel better and happier than before. Nature can be your best
friend and also a sound therapy of depression. Exploring nature makes you closer to yourself
and naturally makes you feel better and gives you a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. The
more new places or destinations you explore, it will make you feel better both physically and
mentally, and most importantly, it will help you overcome depression and anxiety.

Tourism and increased feelings of intimacy:

When a couple travels for their honeymoon after marriage, it makes their relationship with
each other better and stronger because you spend more time together, and it will increase your
understanding, and the trust start building more perfectly. In a place where you don't know any
person, your partner is the only one who makes you feel comfortable and better. Traveling
together make you less stress and build the new language of love and romance. It's also a fact
couples who travel more, experience better sexual relationships, and a happy life—traveling
together as a couple makes your relationship more durable. When you spend every second
with your other half, it strengthens your connection. You learn to be respectful with each other
and learn to help and rely on each other. You try to enjoy every second of that time together,
and also you know things and feelings which you didn't know about your partner before. You
learn to divided responsibility with each other according to each other's strengths.

Traveling promote brain health:

Traveling promote overall brain health because when you explore new places or destination
you have to walk a lot and in that, you lose so much of your energy and it makes you tired, and
so you feel sleepy and naturally need more sleep. A Happy and healthy sleep is not just good for
your brain but also helps calm your body, which makes your behavior more decent and kind,
and you get less rude and angry. It also heals you from negativity and makes your vision and
thoughts more positive and broad. Traveling also helps us in forgetting depressing memories
which happen in our life and also helps in getting rid of our adverse mood swings. Even doctors
and scientists also recommend traveling because it helps us in healing many mental and
psychological disorders.

Traveling and mindfulness:

Mindfulness means focusing on the sounds, smell, and touch. If you go to a calming place like
Hunza and Skardu, you can practice this technique and find it more effective. Traveling is an
opportunity to calm your mind. We all become exhausted with our daily life. Traveling is a
perfect way to give your mind rest and exploring the peaceful and most relaxing place in the
world, which helps you to find your inner peace inside yourself. Not just physically but mentally,
you heal yourself with traveling. All the experience you gain from traveling helps you to make
your life better and stress-free. That the real value of traveling.

Traveling can make you more creative:

Yes, traveling can make you creative when you visit a different country or place you experience
a new kind of culture and meet with varying people of the nation, which gives you mature
thought. It increases your knowledge about them, and when you are traveling, you are away
from your daily home or office routine, and you explore nature, and it's a fantastic beauty.
Traveling also helps you to learn and experience the different languages of people and gives us
new ideas which give us a unique perspective to think about the world and increasing our
understanding of life. Writers get new characters for their drama, and films and artists get new
ideas to paint and convey their feelings.

Travel in Pakistan after covidPakistan topped up the traveler’s list of the best holiday destination for 2019-2020. Many travellers had planned a trip around the world but because of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, people cancelled all their trips, which had a significant impact on our tourism economy. Social-Distancing, Self-Isolating, not leaving our houses has just stopped our tourism industry. After COVID-19, will Pakistan remain the best holiday destination, or will it change? I think no, Pakistan will not stay the best holiday destination because the countries that are recovering from COVID-19 like New-Zealand, China, are working on their tourism economy very hard. After the COVID-19 pandemic will finally end, people will not go to places immediately, but when they get normalized, they will prefer to go to places where the recovery rate was better.

Tourists and Their Plans:

People had planned trips to Pakistan for 2020, but the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic started, so they cancelled all their plans and started self-isolating themselves. But what will happen after COVID-19? People will re-schedule their plans and will think that money has no importance, and they will try to visit more places.

Impact on tourism economy:

The United Nations World Tourism Organization said that the tourism economy will decrease around 20/30 % in 2020 and will have a significant impact on the tourism economy across the world. All countries will have a loss of approximately 800-900 billion dollars because of coronavirus. Pakistan tourism economy has a negative impact, and after COVID-19, Pakistan will have to work really hard to get our reputation back.

Business Tours:

Business travel is also affected. Those people who travel abroad for business meetings are affected. They cannot work with more prominent clients. After COVID-19 pandemic business travel will increase all across the world. According to a survey, 88% of small businesses owner enjoy business travel. Business mans are under stress due to the present situation and are waiting for the pandemic too end as soon as possible.

Impact on domestic tourism:

For the most part, domestic tourism is not being that affected compared to international tourism, but the visitors are rude to the staff of hotels and restaurants because they are not getting rooms due to government orders. After the pandemic of COVID-19, the tourism economy will have a tremendous positive impact. People would travel a lot because they are bored and want to have some enjoyment. After COVID-19, the government will recommend to wear masks.

Impact on international tourism:

International tourism has been affected most because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

People had made a lot of plans for 2020 to travel all across the world. Those countries which have started airlines are not letting people who do not have masks. After the pandemic international tourism will increase significantly. Those people who have jobs abroad are waiting for the international flights to resume.

Impact on small business:

The small business on the Murree side, Kalam side etc., are being affected because people are not leaving their houses.  Due to COVID-19, people are not going to Murree side, and the small businesses are not running well. People used to feed monkeys corn, but nowadays, no one is going to that side. Due to which the corn businesses on the road side are suffering.

Sports tourism:

Sports tourism is also affected—people who love sports and love to travel for competitions. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, all the matches have been delayed. After the pandemic of COVID-19, the sports matches will resume. COVID-19 has completely changed the sports criteria. Online racing have been started and internet is playing a major role in sports. As you know, the matches of PSL have been delayed and will restart in November. The rate of domestic and international tourism will increase because of sports.

Religious tourism:

As the pandemic of COVID-19 is increasing severely. This harms religious tourism. Muslims go to Saudi-Arabia for hajj, but because of C0VID-19, all the religious activities have been cancelled, and after the COVID-19 will finally end, all the religious activities will be resumed. Most of the Sikhs from India come to Pakistan to perform their religious activities in the Gurdwara of Guru Nanak in Kartarpur. But due to the prevailing situation no one is allowed to visit religious places.

Historical tourism:

Historical tourism is also affected because of coronavirus. People who love history or historical places like Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh and Taxila in Punjab are eagerly waiting for the pandemic to end. After the outbreak of COVID-19, people would travel a lot after being recovered from the present condition.

Medical or health tourism:

COVID-19 is a medical crisis. People who have medical issues that cannot be solved in their country have to travel abroad for their treatment. As COVID-19 has started, they cannot visit for their treatment. The patients are waiting for the pandemic to end so that they can go for their treatment. This will also increase international tourism.


Because of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic people are trapped in their houses and are disappointed and cancelled their plans of 2020. Many businesses are going through loss, and still, the vaccine is not developed. COVID-19 has severely affected tourism of all types. Pakistan, who has topped up the traveler’s list for the best holiday destination of 2019-2020, is facing many problems in the tourism industry. Pakistan tourism is waiting for the pandemic to end so they can allow tourists and support the economy of the country. In my opinion, after the pandemic, tourism will increase, and Pakistan will have an overflow of tourists.