Travel advice Pakistan during Covid:-19 (coronavirus)
Pakistan travel advice

Let us talk about the prevailing situation as we know that covid-19 commonly known as coronavirus has become a global problem and all super powers and other countries including Pakistan are fighting against this deadly disease. In these circumstances most countries are under complete lockdown and have sealed their borders and all the flight operations are called off . Governments are taking adequate measures to protect their citizens from this deadly covid -19 pandemic. Now I am going to tell you about the situation in Pakistan according to the recent researches Pakistan was considered as the top tourist spot of 2020 but unfortunately due to this coronavirus outbreak Pakistan tourism industries is going down and Pakistan are facing loses and Pakistan’s economy is going down. Now I am going to give you some travel advices so read till the end:

1.Travel less:

         As Pakistan is a developing country and do not have resources to cope with the current situation so if you are in another country and want to visit or come to Pakistan you should think once more on your decision and the only advice I can give is stay home or in whatever place you are and stay safe.

2.Flight problems:

         As we know that most of the countries have sealed their borders as mention above and flights are cancelled .All the pilots and crew are on vacations but Pakistan has taken a step to bring back their citizens to their homeland and started flight operation so if any Pakistani out there is waiting to come back contact your agent and get information about any available flight and book your seats as soon as possible. This service is only for Pakistanis.

3.Cargo services:

            Cargo aircrafts are exempted from the above restriction in order to bring kits and health  equipments from China and other countries but all of these cargo products are pass through screening and kept in isolation as per advice of health professionals. Pakistan is trying to fulfill all the recommendations of World Health Organization(WHO) but due to lack of resources Pakistan is forced to take these steps.

4.Life Importance:

Government of Pakistan is aware of the importance of human lives and the feeling of Pakistanis living far away from Pakistan and their families that’s why Pakistan has started special flights for Pakistanis only and are bringing back their citizens to their homeland. A sincere advice to all tourists  is that the whole world is suffering from a severe crisis and the tourism too so its better to stay home and stay alive.

5.Global Responsibilities:

         The Government of Pakistan is fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of their people and it is a global responsibility of all humans to stay at home and follow the instructions given by their government .

6.Lockdown problem:

Almost Half of the country is under lockdown and the number of coronavirus cases are increasing and government of Pakistan is trying to control the situation and in these circumstances if tourists are allowed it will make the situation worse so the only advice is to stay home and spend time with your family and stay alive.

7.Domestic or in country tourism:

Nearly all tourist spots are lockdown and people are preferring to stay at home rather then putting their lives in risk .Its our responsibility as a citizen to follow the orders given by government and authorities and do not go out without any genuine reason . All picnic spots like Murree ,Abbottabad ,swat and northern areas of Pakistan are lockdown and any planning is useless so stay home and be a responsible citizen of Pakistan.

8.Risk factors:

         If you still want to plan for visiting a picnic spot think again and if you are not willing to fulfill your responsibilities and do not care about your life and your friends and family so go on your own risk but I will say that  you will  come back home disappointed due to lockdown and security so forget about tourism and try to stay home.

9.Lack of health resources:

As Pakistan is a underdeveloped country and her weakest point is health so in these circumstances the only way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to take adequate precautions as it is a famous saying “Prevention is better than cure” . If you love your life then stay home.

10.Improper Management:

As Pakistan is suffering from corruption, money laundering and other issue so their focus is less  on health sector and in this outbreak Pakistan do not have proper management in hospitals and the population of Pakistan is way more then the resources and its very difficult to manage so tourists are requested to wait until the condition get better after which all tourists will be welcomed so have patience and you will get reward by visiting the top tourist location of 2020.


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