Tourism means traveling for recreation and enjoyment. Most people who do long term jobs or
stay at home for a long time badly need a trip to a calm and relaxing place, so that they can give
rest to their mind. Tourism is an activity in which a person goes from one place to another,
which provides him with a kind of pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, and a relaxing moment.
There are two types of tourism domestic tourism and international tourism. Domestic tourism
is an activity in which a person travels to any famous or local destination or any place within the
country. For example, if you are Pakistani and live in Peshawar, Pakistan, and make a trip to the
Hunza valley, this will be an example of domestic tourism. International tourism involves
tourists who visit different countries around the world. For instance, if I am from Pakistan and I
visit UAE for a trip, it will be called international tourism. Now we are going to discuss some
psychological benefits of tourism;

Tourism help people who are suffering from depression:

Traveling is not a complete treatment of depression, but it can make you feel better. Let me
explain how traveling helps you to fight depression. Meeting new people and making friends is
the best treatment of depression. Loneliness is an addictive and hazardous thing. It can also
count as a disease. So that's why meeting new people and exploring new places can heal your
health condition and make you feel better and happier than before. Nature can be your best
friend and also a sound therapy of depression. Exploring nature makes you closer to yourself
and naturally makes you feel better and gives you a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. The
more new places or destinations you explore, it will make you feel better both physically and
mentally, and most importantly, it will help you overcome depression and anxiety.

Tourism and increased feelings of intimacy:

When a couple travels for their honeymoon after marriage, it makes their relationship with
each other better and stronger because you spend more time together, and it will increase your
understanding, and the trust start building more perfectly. In a place where you don't know any
person, your partner is the only one who makes you feel comfortable and better. Traveling
together make you less stress and build the new language of love and romance. It's also a fact
couples who travel more, experience better sexual relationships, and a happy life—traveling
together as a couple makes your relationship more durable. When you spend every second
with your other half, it strengthens your connection. You learn to be respectful with each other
and learn to help and rely on each other. You try to enjoy every second of that time together,
and also you know things and feelings which you didn't know about your partner before. You
learn to divided responsibility with each other according to each other's strengths.

Traveling promote brain health:

Traveling promote overall brain health because when you explore new places or destination
you have to walk a lot and in that, you lose so much of your energy and it makes you tired, and
so you feel sleepy and naturally need more sleep. A Happy and healthy sleep is not just good for
your brain but also helps calm your body, which makes your behavior more decent and kind,
and you get less rude and angry. It also heals you from negativity and makes your vision and
thoughts more positive and broad. Traveling also helps us in forgetting depressing memories
which happen in our life and also helps in getting rid of our adverse mood swings. Even doctors
and scientists also recommend traveling because it helps us in healing many mental and
psychological disorders.

Traveling and mindfulness:

Mindfulness means focusing on the sounds, smell, and touch. If you go to a calming place like
Hunza and Skardu, you can practice this technique and find it more effective. Traveling is an
opportunity to calm your mind. We all become exhausted with our daily life. Traveling is a
perfect way to give your mind rest and exploring the peaceful and most relaxing place in the
world, which helps you to find your inner peace inside yourself. Not just physically but mentally,
you heal yourself with traveling. All the experience you gain from traveling helps you to make
your life better and stress-free. That the real value of traveling.

Traveling can make you more creative:

Yes, traveling can make you creative when you visit a different country or place you experience
a new kind of culture and meet with varying people of the nation, which gives you mature
thought. It increases your knowledge about them, and when you are traveling, you are away
from your daily home or office routine, and you explore nature, and it's a fantastic beauty.
Traveling also helps you to learn and experience the different languages of people and gives us
new ideas which give us a unique perspective to think about the world and increasing our
understanding of life. Writers get new characters for their drama, and films and artists get new
ideas to paint and convey their feelings.


It was late when the front desk guy at the hostel said, “There’s a good chance to see the Northern Lights tonight if you want to venture out.”

I was lounging in the common room in my cozy pants and a sweatshirt, contemplating bed. But the lure of was too great; I bundled up with the layers I’d packed, started my rental car, and made my way to the backroads of Vik, Iceland as recommended. There, alternating between starting the car for heat and (mostly) patiently waiting, I kept my eyes focused on the horizon.

When the green glow appeared, I almost thought I was imagining it. But the glow grew stronger until waves of lime green light undulated over the mountains. I was spellbound; I watched until my toes were tiny blocks of ice and my fingers were stiff. I didn’t even take out my camera—I didn’t want to miss a moment trying to capture it.

One of the most unforgettable experiences in the frozen north is searching for the Northern Lights. Part of the draw is the fact that there’s no guarantee that you’ll see them—each sighting is unique and special. However, there are certain locations, and certain times of year, offering a better chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis. These are the five best locations in the world to spot the Northern Lights, as well as when you should visit.


But first, science:

The Northern Lights are caused by electrically charged particles from the sun as they hit the Earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres attract this “solar wind,” and the particles create the light show we see. The intensity of the lights depends on the activity of the sun, and the acceleration speed of these particles. Several apps forecast potential activity, like the My Aurora Forecast app, to help narrow down potential sighting windows, but nothing is guaranteed.


Because of its location close to the North Pole, Iceland is a prime destination for seeing the Northern Lights. In general, you might see the lights at any time from September to mid-April; November to February is touted as prime time as they’re the darkest months. When the Lights are active, they can be seen in Reykjavik, but your best bet is to venture away from the city. Several tour operators offer excursions from Reykjavik to chase the Northern Lights, but spending a few nights afield is a better bet for seeing them.


Norway is one of the most popular destinations for catching the Northern Lights because of the amount of land that lies above the Arctic Circle. Though it may be possible to see the lights in the summer months, visiting between October and January is a better statistical bet as the nights are longer and darker. Some of the more popular towns in Norway to see the Aurora Borealis include Tromso (tons of tours), the Lofoten Islands (dramatic displays over the picturesque landscape), and Senja (see the lights reflected in the Norwegian fjords).


Like Norway, much of northern Finland is located above the Arctic Circle and an ideal spot for Northern Lights watching. Fact: The Northern Lights are visible on roughly 200 nights a year—or every other clear night—in Finnish Lapland. Head to Rovaniemi and you’ll find tours that will offer a chance to see the lights but be forewarned: with upwards of 30 people on some of these tours, they’re not as quiet and contemplative as you might expect. If you want a more individual experience, try a snowshoe, cross-country skiing, or snowmobile and sled dog tour.


Yep, Scotland. Though it may not immediately spring to mind when you think of the Northern Lights, the remote Shetland Islands are a fantastic viewing spot. Because Shetland lies closer to the North Pole than any other part of the British Isles, on a clear night you can easily see the Aurora Borealis several times, whether it’s lower intensity displays or the huge swaths of color you’d expect.


You don’t have to go overseas to see the Northern Lights—Alaska is the best spot in the U.S. to see the lights. Like other locations, the best time to catch the lights is in winter, from late September to early April when the nights are the longest. Though you can see the lights all over the state, Fairbanks is the most reliable spot as it’s geographically under the “aurora oval,” where auroras are seen most frequently. Several tour companies offer excursions from there. Talkeetna, near Denali National Park, is another hot spot for the Aurora Borealis but the same tips for other locations apply for Alaska—the farther from the city you venture, the easier it is to see the show.

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Air travel adviceWe do more travelling most of the time and sometimes we have to do air travel, because going to most of the international destination requires air traveling. Do you know the fact that now you can reach up to 5000+ International destinations on the Earth like most of the people can approach multiple places?  We humans often do the mistakes for the purpose of travelling through. Many people often think that they are not doing any kind of mistake but reality is the fact humans can do mistakes and errors are also done by them.

I have made list of major air traveling mistakes so that you might avoid them next time for the purpose of living.

List Of Air Traveling Mistakes

Booking At Exact Time

If you do booking at exact time, then price of the air ticket will also remain very high. You have to concentrate on the advance booking for the purpose of reservation. If you will book the air ticket at the same time then price will be higher of all of the tickets. This mistake is one of the greatest ones which is done by many people at the same time for purpose of air traveling. You should advance booking so that price of the air ticket should be very less and you should not be cheated through. You can use the following time frames for the advance booking of air tickets like.

  • 30 Days Before Traveling
  • 60 Days Before Traveling
  • 90 Days Before Traveling

This advance booking is very beneficial in number of ways that you get price of air ticket very cheap as compared to direct booking on the time. We suggest you always to try the advance booking so that you might get air ticket rate in an extremely affordable price. first online travel company, Pakistan provides special fares to the customer of various airlines. You must book PIA Air Tickets from the company so that they might be fewer problems. Our sales staff with almost present, every time you can contact them, especially head office of the company remains available for your assistance.

Not Using Best Flight Deals

Some of the people also not use the best flight deals for the booking of Cheap Airline Tickets. Best airline promotion must be used by all of the clients so they get the discount which is available in the price of air ticket. Some of the offers contain buy one get one free ticket option, others this might include transit Hotel stay free of cost but it depends on the airline which provide such kind of Hotel stay. Many promotions offer huge percentage of discount so that the passengers could easily book air tickets for themselves. Enjoy your traveling using the promotion of airline. You must checkout which promotion is also being used by other customers because sometimes a passenger book the promotion which many other people also booking! You must beware of these mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Travel in Pakistan after covidPakistan topped up the traveler’s list of the best holiday destination for 2019-2020. Many travellers had planned a trip around the world but because of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, people cancelled all their trips, which had a significant impact on our tourism economy. Social-Distancing, Self-Isolating, not leaving our houses has just stopped our tourism industry. After COVID-19, will Pakistan remain the best holiday destination, or will it change? I think no, Pakistan will not stay the best holiday destination because the countries that are recovering from COVID-19 like New-Zealand, China, are working on their tourism economy very hard. After the COVID-19 pandemic will finally end, people will not go to places immediately, but when they get normalized, they will prefer to go to places where the recovery rate was better.

Tourists and Their Plans:

People had planned trips to Pakistan for 2020, but the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic started, so they cancelled all their plans and started self-isolating themselves. But what will happen after COVID-19? People will re-schedule their plans and will think that money has no importance, and they will try to visit more places.

Impact on tourism economy:

The United Nations World Tourism Organization said that the tourism economy will decrease around 20/30 % in 2020 and will have a significant impact on the tourism economy across the world. All countries will have a loss of approximately 800-900 billion dollars because of coronavirus. Pakistan tourism economy has a negative impact, and after COVID-19, Pakistan will have to work really hard to get our reputation back.

Business Tours:

Business travel is also affected. Those people who travel abroad for business meetings are affected. They cannot work with more prominent clients. After COVID-19 pandemic business travel will increase all across the world. According to a survey, 88% of small businesses owner enjoy business travel. Business mans are under stress due to the present situation and are waiting for the pandemic too end as soon as possible.

Impact on domestic tourism:

For the most part, domestic tourism is not being that affected compared to international tourism, but the visitors are rude to the staff of hotels and restaurants because they are not getting rooms due to government orders. After the pandemic of COVID-19, the tourism economy will have a tremendous positive impact. People would travel a lot because they are bored and want to have some enjoyment. After COVID-19, the government will recommend to wear masks.

Impact on international tourism:

International tourism has been affected most because of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

People had made a lot of plans for 2020 to travel all across the world. Those countries which have started airlines are not letting people who do not have masks. After the pandemic international tourism will increase significantly. Those people who have jobs abroad are waiting for the international flights to resume.

Impact on small business:

The small business on the Murree side, Kalam side etc., are being affected because people are not leaving their houses.  Due to COVID-19, people are not going to Murree side, and the small businesses are not running well. People used to feed monkeys corn, but nowadays, no one is going to that side. Due to which the corn businesses on the road side are suffering.

Sports tourism:

Sports tourism is also affected—people who love sports and love to travel for competitions. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, all the matches have been delayed. After the pandemic of COVID-19, the sports matches will resume. COVID-19 has completely changed the sports criteria. Online racing have been started and internet is playing a major role in sports. As you know, the matches of PSL have been delayed and will restart in November. The rate of domestic and international tourism will increase because of sports.

Religious tourism:

As the pandemic of COVID-19 is increasing severely. This harms religious tourism. Muslims go to Saudi-Arabia for hajj, but because of C0VID-19, all the religious activities have been cancelled, and after the COVID-19 will finally end, all the religious activities will be resumed. Most of the Sikhs from India come to Pakistan to perform their religious activities in the Gurdwara of Guru Nanak in Kartarpur. But due to the prevailing situation no one is allowed to visit religious places.

Historical tourism:

Historical tourism is also affected because of coronavirus. People who love history or historical places like Mohenjo-Daro in Sindh and Taxila in Punjab are eagerly waiting for the pandemic to end. After the outbreak of COVID-19, people would travel a lot after being recovered from the present condition.

Medical or health tourism:

COVID-19 is a medical crisis. People who have medical issues that cannot be solved in their country have to travel abroad for their treatment. As COVID-19 has started, they cannot visit for their treatment. The patients are waiting for the pandemic to end so that they can go for their treatment. This will also increase international tourism.


Because of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic people are trapped in their houses and are disappointed and cancelled their plans of 2020. Many businesses are going through loss, and still, the vaccine is not developed. COVID-19 has severely affected tourism of all types. Pakistan, who has topped up the traveler’s list for the best holiday destination of 2019-2020, is facing many problems in the tourism industry. Pakistan tourism is waiting for the pandemic to end so they can allow tourists and support the economy of the country. In my opinion, after the pandemic, tourism will increase, and Pakistan will have an overflow of tourists.

If you love travelling and visiting new places and wants adventure and nature at the same time then Swat is the best and the most beautiful place to visit. Up till now, you have read a lot of articles about the trip to Swat valley but in this article, I will tell you about my own adventurous trip to Swat. Swat valley is the 15th largest district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and is famous for its lush green forests, pine meadows and snow-capped mountains and the beautiful weather. Swat’s beauty is centered by Swat River and was the centre of Gandhara civilization so if you are either passionate about archaeology or a nature freak Swat valley is the most suitable pace for you to visit. Saidu Sharif is the capital city of Swat and is known for Buddhist remains and has many stupas. Swat is famous for its beauty, calmness, weather and hospitality.  But before that, you must know how to get ready for a trip, to a valley like Swat and what you must carry with yourself and how to enjoy your trip in the most extraordinary way.

How to arrange trip to Swat valley:

If you want to visit Swat valley you must know few things about how to arrange a trip. If you are going with family or friends all you need is to identify a route you will follow otherwise you will have a lot of problems on the journey.  After this, you should pack warm and moderate weather clothes and a pair of sneakers. So if you need to hike you are ready for it. If you have a four-wheeler then you are ready to travel and enjoy your fascinating journey to Swat valley but if not need not to worry there are a lot of travel agencies that arrange trips to Swat valley in reasonable rates. Now let me tell you about my trip to Swat valley and how we enjoyed the beauty of nature and the hiking we did and the roar of the river.

My adventurous trip to Swat valley:

Now I am going to narrate my all-time favourite Story of the trip to Swat valley after reading this you will be eager to visit this adventurous valley so in July 2019 I decided that I will visit Swat valley with my family it was my first time and previously listen a lot about Swat valley. All siblings were very excited and we all pack our bags and started our journey from Peshawar. We have already identified our route and my father who had previously lived in Swat were also well aware of the route so first, we entered Mardan which is a city in KPK and has a very historical background. We never have been to such a long and fascinating journey so the first thing we were looking forward was to see the river and to hear the roaring sound. After two to three hours we were nearly tired of the journey but the excitement to see the flowing river and to touch the water keep us motivated finally we entered the Malakand division and that road track around the mountain took our heart away and as we were going upward and the villages down were looking even more beautiful then we entered Mingora where there were gardens of fruits and all along the road this view keep refreshing our eyes . Finally we reached Fizagut from where our excitement and level of happiness was elevated when we saw the first site of the Swat River. We wanted to stop the car and touch the pure water and that thrilling sound of the river. Finally we park the car and entered the Fizagut park and had our lunch and touched the water and the view their was so catchy and relaxing that we capture it in our cameras forever. Then we started our journey to Bahrain in the middle we also stop at Madyan and throw stones in the river. When we entered Bahrain the weather was cold and we had  to wear sweaters. We book our hotel room and the room had a balcony   which I loved so much. Our hotel was at the edge of the river so we were able to hear the rushing sounds of the river and that moment was like living in heaven on earth as we know that Swat valley is the Switzerland of Pakistan then we decided to have dinner and went to a nearby hotel even the food there was so delicious. I still remember the taste of that chicken karahi and then we spent our night there. The weather was so cold that we have to wear shawls. Then the next morning we all wake up to get ready for our journey to Kalam valley.

Major places:

Kalam is one of the most famous tourist spots in Swat valley and in Kalam we can even feel the water touching our feet and enjoy river view. The water is so cold that your feet will freeze. It took five hours to reach Kalam because on one hand the road was under construction and at different spots there was high traffic because the road was bumpy and one way and on the other hand we didn’t have a four wheeler or a jeep. We were in a small car Mehran so imagine about the adventure we had. At one point our car was about to fall but the we come out of the car and had to hike. We also have to change the tyre in the mid then after reaching Kalam we decided to visit Oshu glacier. Our car was not I a condition to go there so we booked a car and started to climb the mountain. The pine meadows and the snowcapped mountains were waiting for us. We saw glacier for the first time and we even eat the glacier ice.

High altitude spot:

If you have decided to visit Swat then plan a trip to Malam Jabba because you cannot miss it. The climb to Malam Jabba was also very adventurous and as there is a saying “Hardships will pay off” at that day I came to know the real meaning of this and the chairlift was so amazing and the view was so beautiful and catchy that  I fell in love with it and I experience the chairlift for the first time in my life. The zip line there was even more fascinating  so you must try it.Those lush green trees and those clouds was like you are floating on the clouds and that cup of tea  and that weather and calmness cannot be found anywhere else . Finally our journey ended there. I also want you people to enjoy this journey and see the true colors of Pakistan. Hope that after reading my story so will not be feeling bore and will be eager to visit Swat valley “The Switzerland of Pakistan”.

Stuck inside and looking to move on an open road like before? Me too! Adopting this new lifestyle for some long means you have to learn something that could replace your traveling itch for some time. If you are a sightseer, it’s somehow hard to stay at home for long. Don’t worry, everyone is facing the same

Go over traveling books

Books are the beautiful destination and a long excursion, they are the evergreen roads. They are the sweet home.You can explore the world through reading. Excavate new trends in the world, different cultures and read people’s adventure to scrutinize more worlds. Grow your travel list by reading an adventurous world.Don’t put your mind in a box, let it free to travel when your body can’t.

Now have a look on books you can read to scratch the travel itch without traveling.

  1. The rings of Saturn by W.C Sebald
  2. A Moveable Feast (Life Changing Food Adventures Around The World) by Don George
  3. The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton
  4. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo
  5. Lands of Lost Boarders: A Journey on the Silk Road by Kate Haris
  6. The Adventures of Tintin by herge
  7. Love with a chance of drowning by Torre DeRoche
  8. On the Road by Jack Kerouac
  9. The Lost City of Z by David Grann
  10. 10.The Beach by Alex Garland

Watch traveling movies

Here is another better option, you can quench your travel hunger by watching traveling movies.

  • Into the Wild
  • Under the Tuscan Sun
  • A Walk in the Woods
  • Out of Africa
  • The Motorcycle Diaries
  • In Bruges
  • Amèlie
  • Wild
  • Lost in Translation
  • Mid night in Paris

Explore best tour planning site for your next trip

Scroll your net to explore the best tour planner company for your next trip. My favorite tour planner company is Visitpk with a lot of packages and low charges. Experience for the wonderful journey to the northern areas. Ultimately the recent condition of pandemic will end up soon, so you can have a wonderful trip. Plan your trip in these pandemic days and have a wonderful trip soon after the pandemic. Looking in the guidebooks are the best option in planning a trip. Mesmerizing in the guidebooks and dreaming the enchanting sites you want to vist will help you to make a better road map for your visit.

Best guidebooks are:

  • DK Eyewitness
  • Lonely Planet
  • Rough guides
  • Bradt
  • Insight guides

These guidelines are full of insider tips, budget planner  and much more… you can check out bundles of destinations for your trip. Staying home brings a lot of boredom. But engaging yourself in

this type of activity will help you to pass your time.

  • Enroll online communities

For keeping alive the spirit of travel, join various online communities to connect with the other travellers. Pandemic causes a lot of isolation, but at this time you can connect yourself with the other travellers. Share your trip experiences, and stories there to keep your traveling spirit high.

  • Read tour & traveling blogs

Whenever you think of travelling, or have itchy feet during a pandemic, it is a good idea to read travel blogs. Traveling blogs are enriched in tour planning advice, travel tips, suggestions, and ideas for new trips. As the traveling industry is crushing during the pandemic, it is better to support those who have their income just based just on creating a tour. Bloggers are sharing a lot of information on the web that are bewitching the reader.

  • Explore memories from your last trip

Memories are the beautiful blessing of God. You can live in those beautiful memories whenever you want to have a tour and fail to fulfil them just like in a pandemic.

  • Build a life you don’t want to escape from

This quote made my day, my life is my choice, I have passion for traveling. Wanderlust is not the thing you should hate, but it is the way to explore more and more. You know what! Traveling can reduce your stress and anxiety, no doubt which circumstances you are facing nowadays, travel can help you to soothe your stress. In pandemic days, it is a chance to explore more and more about traveling hacks and plan a wonderful tour for coming days. Ultimately pandemic has to go, so relax, have patience and plan your future trip with a lot of hacks and suggestions of famous travelers.

Plan your trips for future.

Doctor Zakir Naik who is a known Islamic scholar was out of sight after the coronavirus outbreak. All the people were suspicious to know what are Zakir Naik’s thoughts and opinions about coronavirus. So recently Zakir Naik breaks his silence and told people about the reality of coronavirus. First of all he talked about what is lockdown?

Definition of lockdown:

Zakir Naik defined lockdown that a condition in which you are not allowed to enter or leave an area, city or country due to the emergency is called a lockdown. The emergency can be a bomb, war or a pandemic. More than 50% of the countries are under lockdown due to COVID -19 or Coronavirus disease 2019.

Reason of silence:

Zakir Naik explains the reason for his silence and said: Due to modern technology the world has become a global village and nowadays fake news is available on social media about COVID-19 which is causing more damage so I didn’t want to add to it. He also explain  his reason by giving an example that in January 2020 many video clips were uploaded on social media showing that Chinese who are infected are barking like dogs and being a doctor I know that COVID-19 does not affect your brain. Coronavirus affects your respiratory system.

Fake treatments:

People who do not have a specialty in this field are giving treatments and are explaining step by step how to keep and cut an onion and within 20 minutes you will be cure. I have seen videos in which a person is saying that UK prepared Dettol which kill coronavirus in 2019 and this is a conspiracy of United states.

Wrong Fatwas:

People are giving Islamic aspects about COVID-19 and giving fatwas which is not their field of speciality. As in Islam if you give the right fatwa you will be given double reward and if your fatwa is wrong then you will be given single reward. I didn’t want to give any fatwa because it’s not my job. Let foqaha and Mushtahid do it.

Limited knowledge:

As we know that COVID-19 is a new specie and research is going on and very few people know about COVID-19. Virologist, immunologist and those people which are qualified in pandemics have proper information about COVID-19 so we should not spread news without verifying it. In Surah Hujrat chapter 49 verse 6 Allah said,” Whenever you get information check it’s authenticity”.

Coronavirus and its species:

Those people who are saying that this pandemic is a conspiracy of United States actually do not have correct information. Coronavirus was discovered in 1930s and coronavirus have almost 20 species. Most of them cause no damage to humans while out of 20, 8 species infect and cause disease. Out of eight, five cause mild problems while the remaining three are detrimental. In 1930s coronavirus was first discovered in animals. Coronavirus was first found in chickens where it caused respiratory disease. In the 1940s it was discovered in mice. In humans, coronavirus was first discovered in the 1960s and was called human coronavirus while in the print media this word came forward in 1968.

Detrimental species of coronavirus:

Zakir Naik also mentioned some details about the detrimental coronavirus species which are as follows:

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS):

SARS is one of the species of coronavirus which break out in 2002 in China and spread in 2003 and a pandemic was declared and after 2004 it disappeared. SARS infected 8098 people worldwide and 774 people died due to SARS with a death rate of 9.55%.

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS COV):

MERS started spreading in 2012 and infected about 2494 people worldwide and about 858 people died and spread in almost 24 countries. Until now a mortality rate of 34.4% have been reported.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19):

This specie of coronavirus was reported at the end of December 2019 and it started from China and now it is spread in about 184 countries and about 2.83 million people are infected by COVID-19 and about 197,245 people died due to this virus worldwide and have a mortality rate of 6.97%.

Hadith about the pandemic:

Dr Zakir Naik quoted from Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 7 hadith number 5728:

“When you hear news of the break of a plague in a land do not enter that land and if the place you are staying a plague breaks out do not leave that land.”

Hadith number 5729:

“When you hear about a break of a plague in the land do not enter the land and if the country abstain plague breaks out do not exit that country”.

Hadith number 5730:

“When you hear of news of a break of plague in a place do not enter that place and where you stay if a plague breaks out do not run away from that place.”

Hadith number 5707:

“Runaway from a leper as you run away from a lion*

Hadith number 5734:

Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) the beloved wife of Prophet (S.A.W) said, ” The Messenger (S.A.W) said that the plague was sent as a punishment by Allah to the people He wanted to send but for believers, it is a blessing and if a believer stays in the land which is infected by plague having faith in Allah and believe that nothing can fall him except Allah ordain then such people who die they will be given the status of a martyr”.


So our Holy Prophet (S.A.W) mentioned all the instruction about fourteen years before which now the medical science is providing. From the above hadith, we get the information that we should not infect others by visiting other places and not get infected by visiting another place. Hope that after reading this article you must have gained a lot of knowledge regarding coronavirus and Islamic point of view about the pandemic.

Pakistan is rich in natural beauty with lots of travel worthy places and historical sites. The northern areas of Pakistan are particularly more famous among tourists and travelers coming from around the world to explore these heavenly places. With sky high mountains and lush green valleys, strikingly beautiful lakes and rich cultural heritage, Pakistan’s open hearted and hospitable people await their tourist guests for one of a kind experience in Pakistan’s northern region.

Why Is It Advisable To Hire A Tour Planner?

Every tourist spot has some unique features attached to it and if you are a new visitor without a proper tour guide, you will most probably miss seeing them. Also, chances are that you will need someone who knows your language and the local language to cater to the language barrier and to make a tour plan for you with all the transportation and hotel reservations in order to save you from the last moment hassles and inconveniences.

Trust me! The more carefree you are, the more you will enjoy your travelling experience. Tour guides and planners plan your tour in a way that you get to see and enjoy most of the places within a limited time and make sure that you don’t miss on anything special. Plus travelling with them is much safe than travelling on your own when you are not completely aware of the area.

Additionally, they are well aware of the local cost and expenses and make a proper package for the tourists covering all these expenses so you don’t have to pay separately at every stop and spot. This saves you a lot of money as a whole. All you have to do is, choose the right tour planner and the rest is their headache.

Why Choose VisitPK?

When we talk about the need of choosing the right tour planners, there’s a lot that falls into it. The best tour planners are those who know the tourist spots well and who else can be more suitable than someone who is a local?

Visitpk is a local tour planning company with a vast experience in planning trips to Pakistan’s northern areas. Since we belong to the Northern region of Pakistan, we have been facilitating the tourists with our services from past 6 years. We ensure you a stress free and comfy trip with air conditioned transport, tasty and hygienic food and safe accommodation. We promise to make sure that you don’t miss on anything worth seeing. You’ll get to experience bon fire in the breathtakingly beautiful atmosphere and make such memories which will stay with you forever.

VisitPK is one of a kind tour planner as we take 6-7 trips ever year to northern regions of Pakistan. Once you make your booking with us, you just get to enjoy your trip to the fullest and we take care of the rest. We make sure that you gather enough memories from Pakistan and wish to bring back the long lost positive image of our beloved country one day!

The unsung country:

The world holds wonders and adventures that can never be explored in one’s life and many countries work like heaven on earth. Similar is the situation with a country in South Asia known as Pakistan. Pakistan holds the world’s most beautiful areas to discover and unlimited options for different and adrenaline-filled adventures like none other.

In the previous few years, Pakistan had been suffering from political misfunction and chaos, and all of it led to making an image in the world’s mind that Pakistan is an unsafe country struggling to survive and becoming stable.

The new chapter:

Luckily, a new era has started in the journey of building a better image of Pakistan in the eyes of the world and the government has opened the gates of the country to allow people from all around the globe to come over to Pakistan and see the country with their own eyes so that they can believe that Pakistan is not what the world says it is.

Recently, Pakistan has seen a surge in the tourism industry. The authorities are making it easier for tourists to have a better and efficient trip to Pakistan. Several measures are taken to attract people from western countries who love to travel and particularly who like to travel to Pakistan. Thanks to many tour planners who are making trips to Pakistan easier for many outsiders.

What can be expected?

Pakistan has unlimited options to offer. The untouched beauty and the raw sceneries are the main pull for tourists to travel to Pakistan. Once people come here and see for themselves, they realize that Pakistan is not a dangerous country.

It is easily announced as top tourist places in the world. This is because Pakistan is packed with the undiscovered natural treasure that leaves every visitor aw-inspired with the nature of the country.

Furthermore, the people of the country are so welcoming, warm and hospitable that travelers fall in love with not only the natural beauty but the people of Pakistan, too. Tour planners make your trips much easier as you hand them over the responsibility of showing you around the country.

European travelers in Pakistan:

Many Europeans must ponder as to when to visit Pakistan since the weather of Pakistan is very different from most countries in Europe. It is not hard to plan your trip to Pakistan. It has fixed a few seasons that include winter, summer, autumn, spring, and monsoon.

Best time to visit Pakistan:

In certain areas of Pakistan, for instance, the south of Pakistan sees the sunniest days more than any other city in Pakistan. Likewise, the northern cities witness the coldest days in the country. While monsoon season is very common in the north part of the country, spring and autumn seasons are equally divided in all the cities of the country.

Places to go to:

If a traveler from Europe is planning a tour to Pakistan, they would want to know the places that are the main tourist attractions there. Apart from the fact that entire Pakistan is packed with ventures there are a few places that offer the most exceptional topography.

Here are a few places you should have on your list when you plan your trip to Pakistan or pick packages from tour planners:

  • Hunza valley

A valley filled with colors and adventures like none other. Hunza valley is known for the most breath-taking landscapes in Pakistan. It is surrounded by the famous Karakorum and Himalayan mountain ranges, and far from the chaos of a city, this valley is a must-visit place during your tour to Pakistan.

  • Skardu

Skardu offers the wildest adventures in Pakistan. With its amazing terrains and mountain ranges, a European traveler will find an array of adventures here, and they will also enjoy the mountain climbing on the world’s second-highest and Pakistan’s highest mountain ranges of the K2.

  • Tharparker

A desert located in the province of Sindh, Tharparkar is rich in culture and always inspires the visitors from Europe who plan their trips to Pakistan.

  • Makran coast

Pakistan has a mix of landscape and seascapes. Makran coast runs over a long distance and has a serene nature attached to it. This untouched coastline attracts many tourists from around the world. Makran coast stretches all the way from Karachi, located in Sindh, all the way to Gwadar in Baluchistan, which is another province.

  • Kalash valley

It is a world of its own. The beautiful ethnicity and culture capture the heart of its visitor. The vibrant colors of the sceneries and the colors of the traditional dresses that people wear in Kalash valley are very distinctive from the rest of the country.

Tips for a better experience:

Every tourist must know of the handy tips when they travel to Pakistan.

  • The national language of the country is Urdu, and the religion is Islam. As long as the people feel that you respect their religion and norms, they will also return the sincerity with utmost love and care ten times more than people in any other country.
  • European travelers must make sure that their tour planners have booked hotels, flights, and planned out a very organized trip. Coming to another country can be very challenging if such things are not properly handled.


  • In recent years, it has become much safer for women and solo tourists to travel. The police, the locals, and all other forces are there to help you and guide you about the ways and norms of the country. Everyone in Pakistan is very friendly and hospitable. They take care of their guests like their own people, and travelers do not feel an outcast here on their trip to Pakistan.


  • It is also very crucial for you to work on your visa processing and make sure you bring your passport size pictures and always keep your passport with you because you will have to go through many checkpoints as a part of a security check.

Let us talk about the prevailing situation as we know that covid-19 commonly known as coronavirus has become a global problem and all super powers and other countries including Pakistan are fighting against this deadly disease. In these circumstances most countries are under complete lockdown and have sealed their borders and all the flight operations are called off . Governments are taking adequate measures to protect their citizens from this deadly covid -19 pandemic. Now I am going to tell you about the situation in Pakistan according to the recent researches Pakistan was considered as the top tourist spot of 2020 but unfortunately due to this coronavirus outbreak Pakistan tourism industries is going down and Pakistan are facing loses and Pakistan’s economy is going down. Now I am going to give you some travel advices so read till the end:

1.Travel less:

         As Pakistan is a developing country and do not have resources to cope with the current situation so if you are in another country and want to visit or come to Pakistan you should think once more on your decision and the only advice I can give is stay home or in whatever place you are and stay safe.

2.Flight problems:

         As we know that most of the countries have sealed their borders as mention above and flights are cancelled .All the pilots and crew are on vacations but Pakistan has taken a step to bring back their citizens to their homeland and started flight operation so if any Pakistani out there is waiting to come back contact your agent and get information about any available flight and book your seats as soon as possible. This service is only for Pakistanis.

3.Cargo services:

            Cargo aircrafts are exempted from the above restriction in order to bring kits and health  equipments from China and other countries but all of these cargo products are pass through screening and kept in isolation as per advice of health professionals. Pakistan is trying to fulfill all the recommendations of World Health Organization(WHO) but due to lack of resources Pakistan is forced to take these steps.

4.Life Importance:

Government of Pakistan is aware of the importance of human lives and the feeling of Pakistanis living far away from Pakistan and their families that’s why Pakistan has started special flights for Pakistanis only and are bringing back their citizens to their homeland. A sincere advice to all tourists  is that the whole world is suffering from a severe crisis and the tourism too so its better to stay home and stay alive.

5.Global Responsibilities:

         The Government of Pakistan is fully committed to ensuring the safety and security of their people and it is a global responsibility of all humans to stay at home and follow the instructions given by their government .

6.Lockdown problem:

Almost Half of the country is under lockdown and the number of coronavirus cases are increasing and government of Pakistan is trying to control the situation and in these circumstances if tourists are allowed it will make the situation worse so the only advice is to stay home and spend time with your family and stay alive.

7.Domestic or in country tourism:

Nearly all tourist spots are lockdown and people are preferring to stay at home rather then putting their lives in risk .Its our responsibility as a citizen to follow the orders given by government and authorities and do not go out without any genuine reason . All picnic spots like Murree ,Abbottabad ,swat and northern areas of Pakistan are lockdown and any planning is useless so stay home and be a responsible citizen of Pakistan.

8.Risk factors:

         If you still want to plan for visiting a picnic spot think again and if you are not willing to fulfill your responsibilities and do not care about your life and your friends and family so go on your own risk but I will say that  you will  come back home disappointed due to lockdown and security so forget about tourism and try to stay home.

9.Lack of health resources:

As Pakistan is a underdeveloped country and her weakest point is health so in these circumstances the only way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to take adequate precautions as it is a famous saying “Prevention is better than cure” . If you love your life then stay home.

10.Improper Management:

As Pakistan is suffering from corruption, money laundering and other issue so their focus is less  on health sector and in this outbreak Pakistan do not have proper management in hospitals and the population of Pakistan is way more then the resources and its very difficult to manage so tourists are requested to wait until the condition get better after which all tourists will be welcomed so have patience and you will get reward by visiting the top tourist location of 2020.